I am over the moon that you're making your skin quench again. I've just bought a pot. I really like to use it for my eyes, takes the sagging away. Thank you for letting me know. Very appreciative. 


Thanks for problem solving my son's eczema. He can now get a good night's sleep and he seems to be scratching much less. His skin looks so much better. I know a couple of other mum's who are having problems with their baby's eczema so I will recommend you to them. Thankyou so much for the help.


Thank you for the Eczema advice. I really appreciate the care and time you spent with me. 


Thank you so much for your time. I love visiting your shop. The supplement advice really helped me. I am going to book an aromatherapy massage for my next visit. I can't wait. Thank you Angie xxx

R Scott

Thank you. I loved my aromatherapy facial massage. My skin looks and has been feeling really good and healthy. I am looking forward to my next shopping visit, I booked a full body aromatherapy massage for next month. I've been chatting to the girls in the office, and a couple of them want to come and see you. I and them were really impressed as you actually came up with ideas to streamline my beauty routine and to cut out not needed beauty products. No salesperson has ever done that for me, they always want to sell me more of their products! I love your integrity and you have a customer for life as I am sure my girlfriends will be too. Thank you for being so very helpful in my hour of need. Xx xx

Helena T

I love coming to your shop and trying out your testers. You were right. The shea butter healed my eczema and all the other eczema tips helped too. The Viridian Clear Skin Oil and Complex capsules are awesome. You are a Genius. Thankyou for being very patient with me explaining the nutrition and how my skin works. I now have a good understanding how to help my skin and I don't think I'll be going back to the doctors for any eczema tubes again from him. When you explained it all to me it was so obvious. Thankyou really very much.


I love your new Eczema facebook page. It has really helped me choose products suitable for my poorly skin. You have always been my No 1 choice for my poor skin. Thank you for your Tips. They help me so much :)


Happy New Year for 2014. I just received my parcel. Very impressed. You are quick. I appreciate your selection of products for sensitive skin. Brilliant service. Thank you.


Love love love your shop. Thank you for your help. My skin drives me mad. Love from a very satisfied customer.


Thank you so much for helping me through Eczema. You are a Gem. XXX


Thanks for using the Royal Mail!

It's nice to see a proper delivery service used as opposed to one of the other dodgy ones that ask you to come to a depot 50 miles away!


Hello, I'm Yoana and I'm from Argentina.I just wanted to say that I love all the work you do and all your products. In my opinion you're the best, so keep doing it like that!



I just wanted to say a big thank you for processing my order so quickly and the super packaging is much appreciated! I'll be shopping with you again soon!

Happy New Year!


Just a quick email to say thank you, my order has arrived promptly in today’s post via royal mail.


A very good service, and all items well packaged and no damage. Great smelling Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap products lovely!! I wanted to sample all the flavours available hence why I ordered the smallest sizes for each and will be trying them out with the family.


Will definitely buy again



For about the last 10yrs I have loved being able to pop in when I ran out of something.  Why so far away?!

A very disappointed Louise, from Swallowfield RG7:(

Ps I hope it's a great move for you :)


Thanks, brilliant, received it all this morning, so fast.


I have recommended your site to several people as you have an extensive range of products, your shipping is very speedy, and your customer service excellent.


Good afternoon,

Thanks very much for my order which arrived today.
Also, well done on using minimal packaging. I was impressed as so many other organic orders for toiletries etc come through with loads of packaging, which I think is quite unnecessary and almost defeats the object of buying organic.
All the best,


Wow! My order has just arrived!!!

Thanks for the great communication and dispatch.

All the products are great too. I'm very impressed.


Just had to say many thanks for the delivery of my goods, which I am very satisfied with.

They arrived within 24hours of ordering...what superb service!!.
Will have no hesitation in recommending your company to all my friends.
Thanks once again,


I received your 10 samples today and I wanted to say thanks for such fast delivery and a chance to try various creams before deciding which one is the most suitable for my skin.


Thank you so much for such swift response and delivery. I did appreciate it.


I am not sure how to write a review and so have sent an email. This is rather superfluous as so many people have written something similar to what I intend to write. However, I was so delighted to received my order so very quickly I will continue.

My order has arrived 17 hours after placing the order on the 'normal' delivery' basis. It was extremely well and highly professionally packaged using recyclable materials. Inside the items were very well protected and in perfect condition. The quality of the 'Miessence' items is apparent straight away and they are already in use. It will obviously take some time to know how successful they are, although from other reviews I am sure they will be brilliant. Thank you for your excellent service and for the numerous samples. We will be ordering from you again in due course without doubt.

Wishing you continue success.


Thank you very much for your incredibly fast delivery, I can't believe I received my order less than 24 hours after placing in on your website!!!


I would like to thank you for the absolutely brilliant and truly professional customer service.
This is the third time when I have ordered cosmetics from your store and I was very impressed with the delivery timing - my order has been processed, dispatched and delivered within less than 24 hours! I have never experienced speed like this :)

I love both the product you are selling and the way you work.
Thank you very much and I wish you all the best.


Thank you so much for prompt service. I can't believe my order arrived today when I only ordered it yesterday!


I just wanted to thank you very much for dispatching my order so quickly. It arrived the day after you sent it, in good time for the Lavera body lotion to be part of a birthday gift for a friend who loves the scent of coconut.

Your service is always very good, but was particularly excellent on this occasion.


Wow, speedy delivery! Recieved my order today, thanks very much :)


I just wanted to say how completely bowled over I am by the speed of your delivery - it's incredible and hugely appreciated!


I was amazed how quickly my item arrived. I ordered it at yesterday at 3p.m. and it was in my house by 10.30a.m. this morning thank you so much


Hello Angie,

Thank you… and once again, your service is excellent!


Thank you for getting my order to me on time.

The Dr Bronner lavender is divine...

Greatly appreciated,


Just a quick email to say thank you for my order which arrived this morning super fast.
Your service/products are great, on this occasion, I really appreciated the fast service due to my eczema playing up, and I had run out of creams.


Just want to thank you and your team for the quick for the quick and efficient service.The repellent patches are now on the way to my family in Trinidad West Indies. It was just by chance i can across your company, i was looking for mosquito arm bands,but stumbled on the patches from your company. I never knew that these patches existed,but i thought there might be mosquito bands like the travel sick ones..Any way many thanks, i just hope they work.


Just wanted to say many thanks for the fantastic service and such speedy delivery, less than 24 hrs is most impressive indeed.
The packaging is great too being all biodegradable, my dog even ate a pice of the cornstarch and seemed satisfied too
Will definately use your service again and recommend to friends


I wanted to drop you a quick line to say how impressed I was with my first order placed with you. I can't believe how quickly the items arrived and I am really pleased with the quality too. I am also very grateful for the free samples as I am currently searching for a good moisturiser with an SPF that does not leave your skin too greasy so this is an excellent way of finding the right products that work for you and I will probably now purchase some of those sampled products.


Just wanted to let you know, that the order I placed with you  
yesterday, arrived this morning!   This order took less than 24 hours from ordering to delivery - please pat yourselves on the back, and thank you very much.

Hope you have a good week end.


I received my order from you today and I'm delighted. It arrived surprisingly quickly and was well packaged in a perfectly sized little box. The whole shopping experience was great, with very reasonable prices and the possibility to track the order. You seem to be a company which genuinely cares for your customers.


thank you, it arrived super quickly!


Thankyou for your email - just to let you know my order arrived today (Friday) as advised by yourself. Thankyou for quick response to my query. Great service as always!!


Order arrived the next day (thursday). Will definitely be ordering from you again.


Your website is the best!!


Wow impressed by the quick despatch - got today  - much appreciated


Excellent so quick thank you, just received this order, very impressed


My order arrived safely and in super fast time..thanks for the great service


It arrived this morning. So efficient. Thank you!


Thank you, goods arrived this morning.  That is what I call brilliant service.


This is just a quick email to thank you for the easy ordering and quick delivery that i always receive when i buy my Dr Bronners and Aubrey Organics products.  I am loving the products that i buy..as you can tell by my re-orders! Been meaning to email this for a while! Better late then never i guess....lol


Just a quick thank you for your efficient service regarding the above order.   I will be placing future orders with yourselves as a result of this.


I have received the goods Yesterday morning.
It was very quick and nicely packed.

Thank you very much, I will make orders again in future!


I just wanted to say thankyou for sending out the order so quickly. I got it on the 4th June. I ordered it on the 3rd June. That is excellent service.


Thank you very much for a most efficient service.


So speedy. Thank you.


My order arrived sooner than expected! I had 14 products (Miessence, Inika, Aubrey Organics, Lavera, Caribbean Blue and Badger) and after 2 weeks of use, I am very satisfied with all of them. Thank you for the excellent service.


Received my parcel in this morning's post - all just as I had requested. Thank you so much once again for the amazing service provided by "There must be a better way".


Competitive price, very competitive P&P.  Ordered Wednesday pm, delivered Thursday am.  Absolutely amazing service.  Thank you.


I received my order today.
Thanks for the great service


Received my order this morning and just wanted to congratulate you for delivering such an impressive service! Thank you so much. I look forward to ordering from you again in the future.


Wonderfully efficient, as ever. My order arrived this morning. Thank you.


Many thanks for my order. Received it the day after I ordered it!


Hi I got my stuff today thank you so much for your speedy delivery.  Creams are gorgeous.


im letting you know that i am impressed with your products and your services. i ordered yesterday and it arrived this morning, so quick i wondered if i was going backwards and id caught myself up!! this is my first visit to your site and i will certainly be using you in the future, i will also recommend you too. top drawer.


Hi :)
Received my order this morning. First time buyer and I will be happy to use your site again.


Just wanted to thank you for your excellent and reliable service once again - my package arrived the day after I made my order, complete with a little sample :)
Thanks so much!


Hallo - I just wanted to thank you for your impressively prompt service (ordered yesterday, just arrived today!). Now all I need is for the almond goodies to work miracles on my poorly rosacea face!


I am very grateful for your helpfullness and excellent customer service.

I will most definitely try the sample options available.

That is a good suggestion. I would have no hesitation in recommending your site to anyone for the huge selection of excellent products that you offer, and for your staff attitude - which is far above average - and your consideration in my order. You have far exceeded my expectations and I appreciate your time and effort. I am looking forward to placing my next order with you and trying some samples.

Thank you again and have a great weekend


I just wanted to say thankyou for your fantastic service. The item arrived today - less than 24 hours after placing my order. Thankyou again and I will definately be using your site again.


Really appreciate the work your doing.  A lot of the natural stuff is really hard to get a hold of and its nice to have it all on the one website.


Just to let you know, my order just arrived!  Thank you for the speediness as always, and the little sampler sachets.


Just wanted to thank you for your amazing service and lovely products. This was my first order and I couldn't believe the speed of service and delivery. I look forward to ordering again.


I have not used all your products even though I would like to but I have to say that all the products that I have used are absolutely fantastic. I have never come across a company like you before that supplied such wonderful organic products, at least not in England!! Your products, especially the baby range has really helped my two daughters in the past! I only hope your prices don't get too much higher so that I can carry on getting your lovely stuff. Do you get many orders from Oxford? Which is where I live by the way!  Most of the mothers I speak to have not heard of you or your products and I wish that they did because you are greatly needed. I have told them all about you but I don't think it sinks in and most hardly go on the internet to  research alternative and organic ways to help with every day problems. If you have any leaflets on your products at all I would be happy to give them out and spread the word around Oxfordshire as much as I can!!! If not then I will try to tell people about your wonderful products by mouth. You have really helped me and my family and  I'm sure that your company is turning over fantastically! Just wanted to say thanks for being there!


Thankyou - as always arrived swiftly


I just wanted to say a really big thank you for sending out my purchase so quickly! It arrived in the post this morning complete with some lovely samples!

Much appreciated!

Laura :)

Just a quick email to say a big thank you for my order which I received today - I'm looking forward to using all the lovely products. I'm very pleased with the quick delivery and the generous free samples. I look forward to ordering from you again.


Overall i would come back and continue to use products from yourselves,delivery was fast and products are good.i will reccommend to others for certain. Many thanks from someone who takes care with what she puts on her body as well as in and gives loayalty when she finds good products and even better suppliers!! Keep up the good work.


Thank you for processing the order so quickly.  I am always amazed at how efficiently you deal with orders.  I chose your site on the recommendation of my daughter and the range of products and speed of delivery keep me shopping with you.


I have definitely added this website to my regular online shopping favourites. It's very difficult to get online suppliers to post parcels to Qatar. There Must Be A Better Way have done a great job in getting my orders out to me and I'm always pleasantly surprised how quickly they come through. Great products and great service - thanks!


I came in to get some mineral make up today, and wanted to say thank you very very very much for your patient help, and your excellent product knowledge. Still wearing my makeup and no irritation as yet!


Hi ...... thanks for really prompt delivery... ordered yesterday afternoon and parcel arrived today....havent had time to try it yet but impressed with service so once again..... thanks


I've been meaning to thank you for the speedy delivery of this order. I was a little tardy in sending it to you, and needed some of the items for a wedding in Scotland. You were excellent as always, and my order arrived the day before we left for the wedding. Of course the products were excellent too!


Thank you. You are very prompt as always!


I ordered toothpaste yesterday afternoon and they arrived by post this morning - absolutely delighted with the promptness of your service. Thank you very much!


Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent customer care and very speedy delivery. Looking forward to using my new treats.


Hi There, Thanks for a super quick delivery it was here at 6.30 this morning.


I am so pleased with all the products I have brought from you, I'm totally hooked on chemical free products now. Thank you for your advice and speedy delivery too.


Hi - I placed my order yesterday and received my package today. Brilliant! Thanks. Also, thank you for your very swift response to my earlier query. Excellent service.


I received my order today, thanks for the speedy service and the products are lovely too!


just to let you know that my order arrived safely today (despite the snow).

Thank you for such a great service.

Will definately be intouch again


just to let you know my order has arrived safely today. Your prompt despatch is greatly appreciated. I look forward to dealing with you again.


I want to thank u for the excellent packaging and whole postage procedure. I will definately be back to u as I've rated u as one of the best e-mail stores ever used.