SoulTree Only do Good ThingsSoulTree is the result of a journey that began in 2002. A journey deep into the Himalayas where SoulTree discovered communities still living in communion with nature using its goodness and giving back to it in equal measure. This harmonious give and take had an honesty SoulTree never quite found in the cities. Natural products that truly benefited people —from those who cultivated and collected ingredients for the products to people who used the products—and the environment were scarce, and the few that promised this benefit didn’t always deliver the goods.

SoulTree hope to change this. Everything SoulTree do—from ensuring that no plant is ever plucked clean of flowers or fruits, to insisting that farmers are given fair prices for the ingredients SoulTree source from, to banishing harmful chemicals from the SoulTree products—is built on respect for nature and for people. On this you have SoulTree's word as well as certifications from regulatory authorities (BDIH Germany certifies all our products as Natural) earned over the years.

SoulTree is an affirmation to bring you nature’s goodness with honesty and responsibility. So, when you pick up a SoulTree beauty product you buy into a promise that few offer today.

The SoulTree Promise

All products as certified ‘Natural’

When SoulTree say their products are natural it means they have more than just a few natural ingredients. It means the SoulTree beauty products are made from natural ingredients and bases validated by the Safe Cosmetics campaign. The ingredients SoulTree use are either organic, or forest collected without chemical contamination, and that even the chemical compounds SoulTree use for preservation or fragrance have natural origins not industrial. BDIH, the renowned German certification agency, screens ingredients, production processes and finally the products to eliminate artificial, industrial or chemical contamination and only then certifies products as ‘Natural’. You will find the BDIH natural certified seal on all SoulTree beauty products.

SoulTree Camphor & Organic GheeBotanicals ethically collected & organic

SoulTree source botanical ingredients either from certified organic farms or from natural forests. This makes certain there are no risks of chemical contamination. And since ingredient collection is done through NGOs who work with local farmers and communities, they ensure ethical harvesting practices are used that encourage forest regeneration and prevent exploitation.

Ayurvedic extracts made fresh and in-house

Active botanical extracts that enrich SoulTree beauty products are painstakingly made in-house in true āyurvedic tradition. This ensures healthy products full of the beneficial properties of the botanicals.

No harmful chemicals

Because you have the right to know, SoulTree list every ingredient they use in the SoulTree beauty products. And as a member of the Safe Cosmetics campaign, SoulTree do not use harmful ingredients such as petroleum based products, SLS/SLES, silicones, parabens, DEA/TEA, phenoxyethanols, artificial fragrances or colours, which are commonly used in cosmetic products.

GMP certified manufacturing

SoulTree manufacturing processes do not leave toxic wastes and they have a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification awarded by the Department of Ayurveda, Ministry of Health, Government of India.

SoulTree Have you tried our kajal yet?Against cruelty & for recycling

SoulTree do not test on animals and every bit of SoulTree packaging is easily recyclable.

The People behind SoulTree

Journeys into the Himalayan states and understanding the forests, the farmers and the power of Ayurveda made believe that sustainable, ecologically-based businesses can help everyone. In 2002, when SoulTree saw remote rural communities practicing organic agriculture much before ‘organic’ became a buzzword, SoulTree began working with them. SoulTree worked with small farmers, especially women farmers and not-for-profits to promote organic farming to generate sustainable livelihoods from it for them. In 2004, this partnership resulted in SoulTree's beginning exports of organic āyurvedic herbs. SoulTree set up Vedicare Ayurveda Pvt Ltd. Using fair trade norms SoulTree sourced botanical ingredients from certified organic farms and wild forest and exported them to Europe and the USA. Over the years SoulTree saw more and more consumers in these countries shunning chemical based products and moving to natural ones. SoulTree also realised that in India though there were several brands promising ‘herbal’ and ‘botanical’ products there was not a single one that offered authentic certified natural products. This prompted SoulTree to take the first step.

Based on SoulTree's knowledge of ayurvedic herbs SoulTree began an in-house R&D facility. And under the supervision of ayurvedacharyas and chemists began research in formulating natural products. Learning from other countries SoulTree used only natural and organic ingredients. This led SoulTree Beauty products to pass stringent European standards.

SoulTree Beauty products one by one began to get the ‘natural’ certification from BDIH Germany. And ever since have grown the product line according to global standards of authenticity, and SoulTree's belief that beauty products must do more than just be skin deep.

SoulTree Cooling, Soothing effect of camphor & Organic Ghee-100% Natural KajalSoulTree Ayurvedic Colour Cosmetics

Mohini brings a burst of natural colours into your grooming regimen. It’s SoulTree's make-up range and it begins with lustrous eye and arresting lip colours. COLOUR RICH for lip care and colour, and COLOUR KOHL for black and coloured kohl eye liners that also double up as eye shadow on the go. All natural mineral colours. Totally vegetarian. And rich with sweet almond oil, soothing rose and organic ghee for an easy glide and skin protection function.

Mohini ~ mohini / mowh-ini / Sanskrit ~ meaning – beautiful, beguiling, luminous ~ ayurveda for natural grooming incorporates SoulTree's Colour Kohl with organic ghee & natural mineral colours that will highlight your eyes and keep them cool with goodness of ayurveda.