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You go far over flat-land. Agriculture, tree nurseries and canals shape the landscape. Between the fields and meadows along the avenue lies a farm. The people of SODASAN have produced environmental-friendly detergents and cleaners here for a long time. In 2005 the company moved into a modern factory due to lack of space.

Over 20 years ago Kerstin Stromberg and Jürgen Hack decided to provide an alternative to the products of the conventional detergent industry. It started with the vision to develop cleaning agents from natural raw materials which do not pollute the environment during their manufacture and after use.

And first it had to be proven that this is really possible!

The first detergents made by SODASAN were based on soapflakes manufactured from vegetable oils. Although they worked, they were no comparison to conventional products in terms of use and dosage. However these initial eco-detergents still represented a breakthrough.

Finally there were alternative products for the growing number of critical consumers who also wanted to act responsibly in their own household. But it did not stop there. The SODASAN team believed that environmentally-friendly detergents and cleaning agents should also be attractive to people who were used to dealing with ordinary industrial products.

For years, the Sodasan products were further developed and optimised in their own Sodasan laboratory.

Today SODASAN products meet the needs of demanding customers. They are easy to use, effective and productive in cleaning performance, and save resources and water.

Sodasan Natural Orange CleanerSodasan Environmental Statement

An environmental policy in the holistic sense demands critical observation and accountability from Sodasan. This concerns both the internal processes as well as the manufacture of the Sodasan products. Transparency in the production and in the composition of each article (declaration) is part of Sodasan's corporate philosophy. Internally, Sodasan work on constantly improving environmental protection. It goes without saying that Sodasan comply with all environmental standards and regulations.

Sodasan stay in direct contact with their customers through Sodasan's toll-free detergent telephone number. During these conversations, we strive to work towards more environmentally-friendly behaviour in the household. Of course, all environmental data is made available to interested parties.

The principles of Sodasan's environmental policies are active nature conservation, economical use of resources and preference for herbal raw materials from organic cultivation. As far as possible, raw materials from the so-called Third World countries come from FAIR TRADE projects which work on an organic basis.

For Sodasan's entire energy needs and the associated CO2 emissions, Sodasan are financing the reforestation of forests in collaboration with PRIMA-KLIMA e.V. so that the Sodasan company works demonstrably in a carbon-neutral manner.

Sodasan have chosen GREENPEACE-ENERGY as the Sodasan partner for their power needs. Thus, Sodasan's energy requirement is supplied mainly by regenerative energy sources. The proportion of nuclear power is 0%.

In terms of products, as the manufacturer of a consistent range of washing and cleaning detergents Sodasan look beyond the sole assessment of a washing substance in waste water and also include the origin of raw materials, their cultivation and energy needs during manufacture.

Therefore Sodasan do not use detergents of petrochemical origin or substances which have been produced through genetic engineering. Wherever possible, Sodasan use soap as the washing substance closest to nature, which guarantees a simple return into the natural cycle. Liquid soap products are produced in the Sodasan factory using a special low-temperature method according to the criteria of soft chemistry. This manufacturing process is waste-free.

Lifecycle assessments are created for the respective products (as is already the case for Compact Detergents). The formulations are optimised according to certain evaluation models, such as the point systems for the "European eco-label".

Sodasan-Natural washingFoundations of Sodasan's product policy

SODASAN offers conscious consumers an essential alternative for washing and cleaning. With SODASAN products you can achieve great cleaning results with significantly reduced environmental impact.

How is this possible? A new breakthrough in the chemical industry? Hardly. In place of the miracle cure of the "whiter than white" era, Sodasan use proven ingredients and follow a product policy which you can easily understand:

Sodasan use only vegetable oils from organic cultivation as the base for Sodasan soap products.
Sodasan support socially responsible agriculture in the Third World by buying vegetable oils from Fair Trade projects.
Sodasan do not use any synthetic preservatives or fragrances in Sodasan products.
Sodasan do not use any ingredients from chlorine chemistry.
Sodasan do not use any ingredients which are manufactured using genetic engineering.
Sodasan do not perform any animal testing, either directly or indirectly.

Sodsasan Products 

Sodasan Laundry

• Sodasan Heavy Duty Laundry Powder - ultimate washing powder for white and colourfast laundry.
• Sodasan Ecological Colour Detergent - wash and protect coloured clothes with this gentle laundry detergent.
• Sodasan Oxygen Bleach - for stain removal and bright sparkling whites.
• Sodasan Laundry Fragrance and Care Rinse - after wash care with the delicate scent of lavender, rose, magnolia and geranium.
• Sodasan Colour Sensitive Detergent - a gentle, perfume free liquid detergent ideal for sensitive and allergic skin.

Sodasan Natural washingSodasan Washing Up

• Sodasan Ecological Washing Up Liquid (Lemon) - thoroughly cleans dishes whilst being gentle on the hands.
• Sodasan Dishwasher Tabs - easy to use, single dose tablets for clean, shiny dishes.
• Sodasan Rinse Aid - for clean, streak free dishes.
• Sodasan Ecological Regeneration Salt - to maintain the life of your dishwashers ion exchanger.
• Sodasan Ecological Sponges - highly absorbent, long-lasting, fuzz free sponge perfect for all types of cleaning.

Sodasan Cleaning

• Sodasan Ecological All-Purpose Cleaner - universal household cleaner, suitable for all washable surfaces.
• Sodasan Scouring Cream - for the thorough, yet gentle cleaning of all hard surfaces.
• Sodasan Orange Universal Cleaner - tough on grease and dirt.
• Sodasan Toilet Cleaner Power Gel - highly effective cleaning for hygienic freshness.
• Sodasan Glass and Surface Cleaner - quick and simple cleaning for a streak free finish.
• Sodasan Bath and Shower Cleaner - heavy duty cleaning for the bath and shower.

The whole point of SODASAN.... Products that work for people who care!