Step 1 Preparation Before you begin putting on the self tanning cream, your skin should be cleansed with a facial scrub and/or body scrub in order to remove skin irregularities and excess skin cells.

Facial & Body Scrubs Give your skin a radiant quality - intensive deep cleansing with a scrub effect will free you from excess skin cells. With mild, natural scrub particles, the circulation is stimulated and your skin develops a radiant quality. This not only allows your skin to later absorb care ingredients more effectively, it also appears much finer and feels wonderfully firm and liberated. Now you're ready for nurtured, cleansed skin!

Step 2 Apply self tanning cream Use the tanning body lotion liberally. In doing so, pay special attention to callused areas – these tend more heavily towards becoming discoloured. Leave the tanning lotion on the skin. Avoid the hairline & eyebrows.

Step 3 Wash hands thoroughly.

Step 4 The self tanning process is complete after 5 hours.

Because Lavera Self Tanning lotion is derived from vegetable self tanning ingredients 100% on the basis of sugar, it is suitable even for the most sensitive skin. The self tanning lotion provides a natural, delicate tan and, thanks to precious ingredients such as organic macadamia nut oil, organic sunflower seed oil, as well as vitamin C and E, provides for radiant, nourished, delicate skin.

Tip: Self tanning lotions are already visible on the skin after several hours. For an optimal tanning effect, use the self tanning lotion once or twice a week.

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