Sante Naturkosmetik

Sante Natural CosmeticsThe SANTE Naturkosmetik Quality Guarantee

All SANTE Naturkosmetik Natural Beauty Cosmetics products are developed and produced according to strict quality criteria. Natural raw materials like plant-sourced oils, fats and waxes, herbal extracts and distillates of blossoms are used, and also essential oils and aromas from certified organic cultivation (kbA) or wild-harvesting.

As well as the careful choice of raw materials used, the ecological tolerance of each product plays an important role, which means manufacturing processes that are very careful with the environment and resources, the optimal biodegradability of raw materials and finished products, and also the sparing use of recyclable packing materials.

SANTE Naturkosmetik transforms valuable natural cosmetics into fun for the whole family. Because these purely plant sourced Sante Naturkosmetik products are innovative, uncomplicated and trendy - and yet affordable, too!

SANTE Naturkosmetik's young and colourful appearance is as natural as the formulations – and anything but boring. SANTE Naturkosmetik beauty products contain active ingredients based only on plants, and valuable extracts and oils of certified organic quality. Almost all products fulfil the strict quality criteria of BDIH and NaTrue.

The majority of SANTE Naturkosmetik products are gluten free and/or vegan!

Experience the newest, fresh fragrance bouquets with all your senses. Be pampered by the light and fine consistency of the care products. Feel the nourishing care of valuable, purely plantsourced ingredients. Whether it’s for him or for her, for big or for small: welcome to the new world of SANTE Naturkosmetik natural beauty cosmetics.

Sante Naturkosmetik Philosophy

The development and production of SANTE Naturkosmetik natural beauty cosmetics is based upon the responsible stewardship of nature’s – and, indeed, of people’s - resources. All Sante Naturkosmetik beauty products are manufactured in observation of extensive quality criteria. Sante Naturkosmetik beauty cosmetics choose raw materials carefully, taking the value-preserving further processing into consideration, and guarantee environmentally-sound packaging materials and conscientious quality controls. Sante Naturkosmetik beauty cosmetics respect the needs of their environment, and are involved in the protection of animals and the preservation of the world as a whole.

SANTE Naturkosmetik stands for sustainable, natural beauty cosmetic quality products, and represents principles which have become stronger and stronger in the course of the years. In order to give Sante Naturkosmetik beauty cosmetic customers, partners and suppliers a better understanding of these principles, Sante Naturkosmetik cosmetics have summarised their values in five guiding principles. Because if Sante Naturkosmetik cosmetics want to make the world a bit nicer, let’s start with Sante Naturkosmetik Cosmetics!

1. ENVIRONMENT — Sante Naturkosmetik take responsibility for the planet.

* Environmentally compatible packaging.
* Proven environmentally compatible production methods.
* No genetically modified or irradiated raw materials or packaging.

2. NATURE — Sante Naturkosmetik trust in the power of Nature.

* Raw materials of controlled organic origin or collected in the wild.
* Pure vegetable oils and active ingredients.
* Plant extracts from in-house production.
* No paraffins, parabens and silicones.
* No synthetic preservatives and colorants.

3. RESPONSIBILITY — To Sante Naturkosmetik fair and responsible are synonymous.

* An organically grown company with family-friendly working conditions.
* Close partnerships with our customers and suppliers.
* Local and global social commitment.
* Support for fair-trade products worldwide.

4. QUALITY — Sante Naturkosmetik guarantee certified organic quality - made in Germany.

* Decades of experience in the development and production of natural cosmetics.
* Quality assurance by on-going control of raw materials and packaging materials.
* Certification of Sante Naturkosmetik beauty products by independent control centres.
* International quality standards guarantee the best possible natural cosmetics quality.

5. HUMANITY — For Sante Naturkosmetik, humanity is incompatible with animal experiments.

* Sante Naturkosmetik do not conduct animal experiments.
* Advocating alternative test methods.
* Use of tried and trusted raw materials.
* Range of vegan products.

SANTE Naturkosmetik is against animal testing

LOGOCOS Naturkosmetik AG welcomes steps taken by BDIH as reaction to China animal tests.

The accredited certifier of controlled natural cosmetics reacts to animal tests on products imported from German producers of natural cosmetics.

The extremely controversial issue of animal tests triggered the decision made by LOGOCOS Naturkosmetik AG to withdraw all their brands from the Chinese market as of 1 December 2013. Since this date, they have sent no more shipments of goods to China. Following this move, the BDIH and their certifiers at the International Organic and Natural Cosmetics Corporation (IONC) also informed their member manufacturing companies that conformity with the BDIH standard is endangered by exports to the People’s Republic of China, and that the BDIH seal of approval is to be revoked, if deemed necessary.

The BDIH Standard for certified natural cosmetics is among the leading standards worldwide for natural and organic cosmetics. More than 7,000 products to date have been awarded the BDIH seal of approval, and their adherence to the quality standard criteria is monitored continuously by IONC GmbH.

The BDIH standard, co-developed by LOGOCOS Naturkosmetik AG, prohibits manufacturers of certified natural cosmetics from conducting animal tests for these products, or commissioning such tests to third parties. This prohibition applies worldwide without reservation. This means that the BDIH Standard is definitely in a class of its own compared to certifications of natural and organic cosmetics which merely refer to the EU Cosmetics Directive ban on animal testing, or do not include any regulations on animal testing whatsoever. “The accredited Standard for Certified Natural Cosmetics has been in existence since the millennium, and it means that we have a responsibility towards the consumer because he has placed his trust in our certified seal and the prohibition of animal testing anchored within it for many years. It also means that it applies worldwide!”, says Harald Dittmar, Managing Director of the Association, whose registered office is in Mannheim. Fighting animal tests in China and implementing alternative test methods are vitally important for everyone at LOGOCOS Naturkosmetik AG, and this is why LOGOCOS Naturkosmetik AG has joined forces with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), the animal rights’ organisation. As part of a joint global initiative which has ‘Committed to Life’ as its motto, they see the dissemination of targeted information as the means to bring about a change of mindset within the sector. The aim of the campaign is to seek constructive dialogue with the Chinese authorities by submitting a petition. In February 2014, PETA presented the ‘Courage in Commerce Award’ to LOGOCOS Naturkosmetik AG for their exemplary stance on the cruelty free issue.

Sante Naturkosmetik products

* When choosing Sante Naturkosmetik raw materials, Sante Naturkosmetik pay attention to their bio-degradability, thus reducing environmental pollution at the same time. 
* The ingredients - 85 to 90 % - come from sources which re-grow.
* The majority of the oils, waxes and extracts are sourced from certified organic cultivation.
* More than 60 extracts are manufactured in-house. In doing this, Sante Naturkosmetik reduce transport emissions and improve our ecological balance sheet.
* In the case of necessary auxiliary materials like surfactants, Sante Naturkosmetik guarantee good to very good bio-degradability.
* The production of surfactants was changed to cold filling, in order to be able to save energy in the long term.
* Sante Naturkosmetik use mono-material, recyclable packaging and produce our print products on FSC-certified paper.

Sante Naturkosmetik staff

* Sante Naturkosmetik offer their staff flexible working time models.
* Healthy nutrition at the workplace: Sante Naturkosmetik co-workers have the benefit of their certified whole foods canteen. The meals are subsidised by the company.
* Sante Naturkosmetik offer their staff special training courses and further qualification measures on a regular basis. The internal suggestion scheme and optimisation management both make it possible for staff to put forward their own ideas and suggestions.

Sante Naturkosmetik environment

* Sante Naturkosmetik are working continuously on optimising their environmental aspects in the areas of: energy, waste, water and CO2 emissions.
* Sante Naturkosmetik company was awarded ISO 140001 for eco-management and the EMAS certificate (Eco-management and Audit Scheme).
* 99 % of Sante Naturkosmetik total consumption of electricity comes from regenerative energy sources.
* The basic warmth to keep Sante Naturkosmetik premises heated is produced at the nearby bio-gas plant.
* In the winter, the production rooms are heated by re-circulating water from the cooling system.