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Primavera Life's philosophy is based on the understanding that a holistic view of health and beauty promotes wellbeing and body, mind and soul reconciles. Primavera Life are pleased to be able to inspire other people with Primavera's 30 years experience in plants, aromatherapy and natural cosmetics and to share with them Primavera's love of nature and their respect for people and the environment.

Primavera Life are committed to the highest quality. What this means for Primavera Life: first-class products from pure natural organic ingredients, loving care and responsibility for man and nature and fair relationships - with Primavera's producers, suppliers, customers, employees, the people who share Primavera Life's vision.

Products of PRIMAVERA Life draw their potencies from the untold wealth of natural plant life and give you inner and outer balance.

Primavera FoundersPrimavera Life : Mission

"As the founder of PRIMAVERA, we set ourselves to the task in life made natural products exquisite quality in responsibly developing relationship with nature and sustainable produce. Behind all our decisions is the idea that pure and unadulterated nature gives perfect balance and equilibrium. PRIMAVERA therefore is gentle and respectful of the earth's resources. "

Ute Leube and Kurt Ludwig Nübling


Interview with Ute Leube & Kurt L. Nübling

The PRIMAVERA LIFE Founder & Owner Ute Leube and Kurt L. Nübling overlook 30 eventful years back and reveal what is to be expected from a pioneer & leader in aromatherapy.

PRIMAVERA Life was founded 30 years ago. How did it happen?

Ute Leube: On our trips to other cultural spaces we met holistic perspectives and confidence in plants healing powers. When we with essential oils came into contact later, we were immediately intrigued. The realisation that these herbal powerhouses are so beneficial for body, mind and soul, gave the decisive impulse that make this knowledge accessible along with high quality essential oils also other people.

Kurt L. Nübling: There were hardly any suppliers of such products, let alone quality evidence on the origin of plants and method of production. So we went in search of growing partners who produced according to our expectations. It was important for us to find the places in the world that had the plant wanted to be an ideal location itself. We had little commercial expertise, but with a lot of enthusiasm we started our vision of wholesome organic products put into action.

PRIMAVERA Life is an organic pioneer from day one. What is special about it?

Ute Leube, company founder: Our concern was and is to preserve nature with its diversity and originality. Respect for the wisdom of nature and the desire to intervene as little as possible, were linchpin. We are convinced that only pure, unadulterated plant extracts unfold their full strength and can have a healing effect. Certified organic farming was a precondition for this. Therefore, we investigated the direct contact with the producers.

All essential oils are pure 100% in the Primavera Life products. That is, they contain only the oil of its parent plant, no more and no less. A Rose for example, has more than 500 different ingredients that are necessary for the overall effect even the smallest traces. All raw materials undergo uncompromising quality control to highly sensitive analysis and can be traced seamlessly from the harvest site to the finished product on the shelf.

Primavera Head Office

The Primavera Life co

mpany building the Oy-Mittelberg site is an authentic landmark of your ecological and sustainable commitment. What is the idea behind it?

Kurt L. Nübling: It was important to us, our sustainable philosophy experience and make it visible. For example, the excavation for the building to 100% was reused. The perfect combination of natural beauty and environmental benefits was the vision. So could Bio-diversity be realised in our rose and herbs adventure park through a variety of plant abundance. The nature was returned by this concept more than we have taken. What applies to the outside, we have transferred to the inside: New techniques allow for example a power savings of 80%. Ecologically, but at the same cost-effective, that was the premise. Meanwhile attracts our "natural paradise" - that is our postal address - many visitors, the house and garden tours are always well attended.

Sustainability has become a buzzword in the whole cosmetic industry. How do you live sustainability in the company?

Kurt L. Nübling: We live this very comprehensive for 30 years, long before the term "sustainability" on everyone's lips. There is no area in the companies in which we do not have the environment in mind, z. B. in the packaging and logistics. Primavera Life activities have been certified according to prescribed parameters with the environmental seal GREEN BRANDS. The Primavera Life employees make in their work on sustainability, which often has an impact on the personal value system.

PRIMAVERA Life involved in the field of social responsibility. How this is implemented in practice?

Ute Leube: With our longstanding growing partners, we are in constant communication and learn from each other. Primavera Life raw materials come from around the world and further processed on Oy-Mittelberg Location. Today we have 12 farming partners with whom we to 25 - are connected not only business but also friendship 30 years. New partner we conscientiously in the transition to sustainable farming. Primavera Life support smallholder farming projects through financial start-up assistance, training and learning, give purchase guarantees and find z. B. in crop failures common solutions without compromising on quality.

Was there in the 30-year history of PRIMAVERA Life memorable or dramatic events?

Kurt L. Nübling: The introduction of Primavera Life natural cosmetics 10 years ago was certainly an important step. Another stage was the move to new office building in 2011. Here we can finally show what we stand for. Our 600 m² large shop with its adventure program attracts many visitors who like to be convinced of lived and visible sustainability locally.

Ute Leube: Of course, the overcoming of obstacles includes the history of a company. We learned a lot and had to be creative and bold. It was very touching, as friends, employees, business partners and customers thereby constructively supported us.

PrimaveraWhat are your hopes for the future of PRIMAVERA Life?

Ute Leube: I hope that we continue to position ourselves as a market leader. We are authentic to continue our sustainable actions, with the high quality standards, which accounts for the PRIMAVERA Life brand. Credibility, trust and confidence, to give a piece of quality of life and joy in harmony with nature with our products, is to continue my vision.

Kurt L. Nübling: The raw materials security is a very important topic. Long-standing business we want to ensure the continued stability and expand. I hope that the balance between man and nature noticeable with our products and can be experienced. In a fast moving world, it is important to stay well grounded - and I mean that literally!

Primavera Life : Principles

1. Dealing responsibly with people, nature and the environment is a prerequisite for all Primavera Life's decisions.
2. The challenges of the present and future, Primavera Life put together a team of creative, innovative and successful order.
3. Primavera Life undertake only the best quality products and the highest purity for sale. Development and promotion of organic farming and fair trade projects are for Primavera Life has always been a labor of love.
4. Primavera Life carefully selected products convey enthusiasm and vitality. They support health and wellbeing.
5. The partnership with the Primavera Life producers and suppliers as well as all employees based on clear, fair agreements and contracts.
6. Primavera Life advise their customers, always reliable, warm and best meet their needs.
7. Primavera Life offer qualified, well-founded and living knowledge.
8. Primavera Life treat each other respectfully with openness, tolerance and trust. Primavera Life are loyal to their company goals that we realise on the basis of their corporate philosophy.

Primavera Life : QUALITY
"Quality has to do with commitment, authenticity and the desire to do the best for others. Product quality means for us: to be as close as possible to nature and create a quality product that works holistically and the quality of life increases. " Ute Leube PRIMAVERA LIFE company founder.

Primavera Life : Sustainability & Social

"For us sustainability means dealing responsibly with nature and the preservation of a healthy environment for future generations."

With the harmonious and sustainable built company building Primavera Life managed to manifest their dream - to make perfume, light and joy to life. For years, Primavera Life are committed to the conservation of nature. Through their belief that only pure and unadulterated plants develop their potential effect genuine and able to give well-being, Primavera Life have sought from the beginning to the personal contact with their growing partners around the world to obtain best quality raw materials for the Primavera Life Aromatherapy products.

The common aim, to sow in harmony with nature and to harvest, connects Primavera Life since then and often led to close and friendly relations with their farming partners. Fairness, openness and trust are an integral part of the Primavera Life corporate philosophy.

"Only a positive way of interacting, both in nature and in humans, contributes permanently fruits."

This is an insight that increasingly spreads to Primavera Life delight. Primavera Life hope very much that this awareness is being carried on in the future more and more people and implemented by numerous companies.

Primavera AromatherapyPrimavera Life : ORGANIC FARMING PARTNERS ARE OUR HEART

Decent working conditions and preserving a healthy environment are the basis of Primavera Life's work. So based all Primavera Life's relations on integrity and respect. it emerged amicable partnerships, which are far more than a business cooperation over the years.

The preservation of livelihoods and traditions of the farmers and the promotion of organic farming are of particular concern to Primavera Life. Primavera Life currently buy 130 biological ingredients from organic farming 12 partners around the world.

For the ecological balance
In cooperation with our likeminded growing partners, Primavera Life can achieve their aspiration to use ingredients in the Primavera Life Aromatherapy products that not only improve your health and well-being, but also the ecological balance of our planet.

To create transparency
From seed through cultivation to the finished product, these quality standards come into play. Primavera Life can trace every stage of development of Primavera Life biological ingredients to the seed that Primavera Life formulations remain as nature intended.

Primavera Life : FAIRTRADE

Respect for People

The principles of Fair Trade and the partnership with Primavera Life suppliers are key features of their corporate philosophy.

Fair trade means for PRIMAVERA LIFE:

* Primavera Life are looking for long-term cooperation with producers, farmers and cooperatives.
* To help people to help themselves, Primavera Life guarantee young cooperatives and farming projects quantities and long-term contracts.
* Primavera Life support their production partners step by step in the development of quality oils through training and counseling.
* Decreasing prices on production costs and market conditions determined based jointly.

Egypt and Primavera Life

Precious scents of the PRIMAVERA Life range are from the Egyptian Nile Delta, where traditional aromatic and medicinal plants are 120 km north of Cairo cultured in Demeter and organic farming.

In the Nile Delta, the couple Cherifa and Hussein Fakhry took up the old fragrance heritage and now operate two large organic farming projects. PRIMAVERA Life uses their Organic Essential Oils: basil, lemon basil, coriander leaf, geranium, petitgrain and the precious oil of bitter orange blossoms: neroli.


In ancient Egypt fragrances were of paramount importance - in medicine, religion and everyday life. Perfumes were considered highly valued gifts in acts of worship and also in everyday life, to make life more pleasant and cheerful.

Bhutan & Primavera Life

Bhutan, the "Land of the Thunder Dragon", is the home of Primavera Life's Lemongrass oil that captures the freshness and wildness of this country on the edge of the Himalayas.

In the east, the crop area of Lemongrass project is under the care of Bio Bhutan. Farmed for more than 25 years - the farmers of the Lemongrass Cooperative farm aromatic grass by hand and distill from the essential oil. BIO Bhutan ensures that people receive fair wages for their work and strives to find more uses for the essential oil , So the soap project was born in 2010, in which BIO Bhutan takes care of the development, production and marketing. The soap project offers families long-term assistance on the road to independence. It helps people to live their positive change through more income and education.


Bhutan is a land of steep slopes, where strong monsoon rains often trigger avalanches and landslides. Lemongrass grows on these steep slopes and can hold by its roots the soil. At harvest, the grass is only cut, so that the plant permanently protects the soil from erosion.

France & Primavera Life

Every year in summer the hills of Provence are transformed into a sea of blooming lavender. Then there is a fine scent over the landscape - a bewitching experience for the senses.

Lavender thrives in barren, chalky soil and loves the summer sun like a sun-hungry tourist. It is at home in an altitude of 800 - 1500 m. Only in the third year, the lavender plants are so large that they displace the weeds. Until then, tirelessly weeding and chop. A job that requires perseverance and patience and is irreplaceable in organic farming, as will be omitted any herbicides. The plains and hills can be harvested by machine with special small tractors.

The wild mountain lavender in the mountains of Haute Provence, however requires laborious manual work - the harvest with the sickle.

The PRIMAVERA Life lavender is distilled for up to 90 minutes. It is only after about 45 minutes, that the the fragrance quality coumarin, an ingredient that contributes to the balancing and relaxing effect of lavender is triggered.

PrimaveraOrganic oilTHE HERBS OF PROVENCE

The herbs of Provence are the specialty of the French cultivation project TERRA PROVENCE. Biological lavender oil, sage oil and many other essential herbal oils, but also high-quality oil macerations as St. John's wort and calendula oil are produced here in the hills of Provence thanks to the experience and expertise of Primavera Life's longstanding partner Hans Ulrich Wentzler.

Due to personal contacts to TERRA PROVENCE committed to Primavera Life in North Africa, Morocco and Tunisia, where the essential oils of chamomile and rosemary cineole and the precious Moroccan rose oil are obtained.

Italy & Primavera Life

Piedmont - the land of cherries and fine wines. Not far from the gourmets well known sites Asti and Alessandria, was the agricultural cooperative AGRO NATURA.

After five old clive experiments in organic cultivation of medicinal plants, the cooperative AGRO NATURA was founded 1986. Initially, the cooperative had 13 members and 7 hectares of land that needed to reshape into fertile farmland. The aim of the cooperative was and is to give young people the opportunity to offer to stay in their country of origin and to produce quality products with respect for people, animals and the environment. Thanks to the secure acceptance of PRIMAVERA Life are today in this cooperative 20 DEMETER small farmers and agricultural enterprises organised. They cultivate about 310 hectares of land for organic cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants.

The regions of the cooperative extend from the south of Piedmont, mainly in the provinces of Alessandria, Cuneo and Asti, to the highlands and mountains of Piedmont, which are forested to more than 75%. AGRO NATURA provides PRIMAVERA essential herbal oils in DEMETER quality: anise, fennel, Roman chamomile, sage, lavender, lavandin, rosemary and many others.


From biodynamic farming. For biodynamic farming the soil is not only the sum of its parts, but a living organism that is nourished by harmoniously biodynamic compost, spraying and fertilising preparations are brought to life especially. For this ground as cosmic rhythms are included. Biodynamic farming makes constructive environment construction regard bottom renovation, long-term fertility and biodiversity in plants and animals.

PRIMAVERA Life since 1987 with Francesco and Concetta Salamita, the heads of the Sicilian DEMETER Cooperative Salamita in Barcellona at Messina, together.

The cooperative Salamita was founded by the brothers Francesco, Nunciato, Domenico and Eugenio Salamita who practiced on their farms and factories already since 1972 organic farming. Two years later she became familiar with the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner. Since 1974, the family Salamita working biodynamic. In Sicily, the cooperative is to this day a catalyst for the DEMETER movement and organic farming.

Meanwhile, the cooperative extends not only to the extended family Salamita but comprises 107 members on all of Sicily. The merger in the cooperative offers many advantages for most small businesses: expert advice, a farm help service for harvesting operations, joint supplements work, seed purchasing, preparing for the checks and of course co-promotion.


The fertile volcanic island of Sicily is the home of biological citrus oils from PRIMAVERA Life. Sicily is the classic growing area for citrus fruit in premium quality. The climate, the volcanic soil and the amount of sunshine cause a particularly fine quality of citrus essential oils. From the shells of biological citrus essential oil is cold pressed; it smells of sun and serene hours and lifts our mood barometer.

Primavera AromatherapyNepal & Primavera Life

Since 1989 PRIMAVERA Life operates the cultivation project Shambhala. In Terai, the fertile lowlands in the south of Nepal, are organically grown near Biratnagars grasses and herbs. there the following essential oils are produced for PRIMAVERA Life:

Holy Basil (Tulsi) * bio
Lemongrass * bio
Palmarosa * bio
Citronella * bio
And in the mountainous region, in particular the three villages Masting, Kapti and Hulak, Rhododendron is harvested and distilled.

The organic cultivation of medicinal and aromatic herbs creates an additional income for farmers.

Peru & Primavera Life

In 1988, the organic farming project co-founded by Primavera Life's purchasing manager Gerhard Benz. The small business AROMA INCA cultivated and distilled biological aromatic plants.

Verbena Andes, the Spanish called "Cedron" or "Cedroncillo" in Indio language "Huamanseco" is to be found exclusively in the sacred Inca valley, where it thrives on a high belt 2700-2900 meters. Farmers and families gather crafted the fragrant herb.

In Pisac, not far from the former Inca capital Cusco, PRIMAVERA Life has its own distillery, are obtained in the best Andean quality oils. The essential oils from Peru have captured the mountain air of the heights and are distinguished by particular clarity and freshness.


Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Sacred Valley are just some of the fantastic names and places of power, is famous for Peru. On fertile banks of the Vilcanota River, the powerful and main inlet of the Amazon, (Valle Sagrado de los Incas) cultivated aromatic vervain and myrtle for PRIMAVERA Life in "Sacred Valley". Already at the time of the Incas, this region was a sophisticated growing region thanks to its fertile soil and temperate climate. Cultural Historic Sites of the Incas, impressive terraces and motley Indian villages dot the landscape.

Turkey & Primavera Life

From the Taurus project, not far from the imposing Taurus Mountains in Anatolia in southern Turkey, particular specialties of PRIMAVERA Life range originate: rose oil, rose water and myrtle and thyme oil from organic farming.

Turkey is one of the main producers of Rose products. In the mountains of Isparta, about 100 km north of the port city of Antalya, the famous Damascene roses are biologically cultivated on about 1000 meters above sea level. The rose garden with an average of 3,000 square meters is the main source of income for small farmers next to orchards with cherries, apples and walnuts.


Nuri Kalay, the founder of the Taurus project (1990) and current project serves about 50 farmers and family farms who grow roses organically. They work with old proven home remedies to protect their roses: Everywhere between the rose bushes to find garlic and onions. And just as in certified organic viticulture is here sprayed the organic rose cultivation with biological agents, fertilised and composted

Every year new farmers expand the cultivation and production. Demand is high and many a year the harvest is sold out after a few months.


Early in the morning the rose petals of Turkish damask rose contain the largest amount of oil. Therefore, picking the flowers still closed already takes 4:00 to 9:00 in the morning. The harvest is brought into air-permeable jute bags for distillery and processed immediately. In traditional Kupferdestillen the rose oil is obtained from the freshly picked flowers. Rose oil is a treasure: 3500 - 5000 kilogram, hand collected rose petals yield one kilogram rose essential oil. In order to produce a drop of essential rose oil, it takes 30 fresh roses.

PrimaveraPrimavera Life : Product Packaging


A practical application of the Primavera Life products and the simultaneous preservation of natural resources are objectives that guide Primavera Life in the design of their  product packaging. So Primavera Life are also keen to make good decisions for product protection, pleasant application and environmental protection.

Glass & Coating

The dark green and brown colour of the bottles and the environment-friendly UV-protective coating ensure that Primavera Life formulations remain long lasting.


Primavera Life use recyclable glass bottles and crucibles, as they can be recycled with no loss to purity or quality loss. With Primavera Life plastic tubes they use the highest possible recycled content.

No packaging

To conserve the earth's resources, Primavera Life have limited their packaging to a minimum, ie, Primavera Life do not where possible package inserts and, wherever possible, on cartons. For products that require an external box for lack of space, Primavera Life use recycled paper or paper from certified, sustainable forests. Pressure chemical-free printing plates and mineral oil-free eco-inks are used.


"When we talk about quality of life, we associate the harmony of body, mind and soul. Behind all our decisions is the idea that pure and unadulterated nature gives perfect balance and equilibrium. PRIMAVERA Life therefore is gentle and respectful of the earth's resources. " Ute Leube and Kurt Ludwig Nübling - management PRIMAVERA LIFE.

Primavera Life : Product Quality

PRIMAVERA Life places high demands on the quality and purity of all ingredients, and to the sustainability of the cultivation and production.

The essential oils of PRIMAVERA Life are 100% natural. Primavera Life essential oils are genuine, that is, from the plant of origin, and thus, natural and unadulterated. Primavera Life will not use any synthetic or nature-identical additives. For this purpose they are segregated. Primavera Life left the essential oil (conventional, organic or wild) as it is extracted from the plant, as close to nature as possible in its original purity. The PRIMAVERA Life quality assurance requires the highest level, thus ensuring the uncompromising standards of quality in Primavera Life products. PRIMAVERA Life batch number traceability is always guaranteed from field to bottle for the customer. The essential oils are processed exclusively in Germany to manufacture PRIMAVERA Life products. Essential oils and essential oil blends of PRIMAVERA Life subject to various legal requirements and are made clear by the appropriate labeling.

Primavera Life warmly welcomes customers to challenge PRIMAVERA Life's products regarding quality at their Company Headquarters in Oy-Mittelberg, including aromatherapeutic competence and their sustainable actions.

Certified organic farming

PRIMAVERA Life actively supports organic farming projects worldwide, operate the field system, using non-chemical pesticides and fertilisers, and do not use genetic engineering.


The organic asterisk denotes products and recipes made with raw materials certified organic.

PrimaveraAll natural

Synthetic additives, parabens or genetically modified plants have no place in PRIMAVERA Life products. Priamvera Life all-natural formulations consist of predominantly organic ingredients and are manufactured with food emulsifiers and exclusively with natural fragrances, colours or preservatives.


All Naturkosmetik and skin care products from PRIMAVERA Life are certified by NATRUE. The products are divided into three grades: Natural Cosmetics, Natural Cosmetics with Organic Ingredients (at least 70% biobased content.) And organic cosmetics (at least 95% biobased content.).

Primavera Life : no animal testing

PRIMAVERA Life & animal welfare

Primavera Life do not use since 1979 tested on animals ingredients and Primavera Life DO NOT test any of their products on animals.

Primavera Life : Vegan

Primavera Life do not use animal raw materials. The only non-vegan raw materials in Primavera Life products are untreated beeswax from organic beekeeping and an extremely skin-friendly, mild Milchemulgator from organic milk, for sensitive dry skin : gently cares range. Primavera Life decided due to the very specific care effect and of the extraordinary skin friendliness ingredient. Thus about 74% of Primavera Life organic & natural cosmetics are vegan.

Social responsibility

Primavera Life pay their farming partners and suppliers fair prices. Primavera Life maintain long-term relationships and support the training and development of partners and cooperatives.

Quality Assurance

It takes place through constant commodity inspection in the laboratory tests at Primavera Life GC / MS by Primavera Life chemist and periodic testing by independent external institutions (EC Bio-examination, Demeter-examination, NATRUE).

Primavera Life & Natrue

NATRUE - excellent quality of PRIMAVERA Life organic and natural cosmetics.

NATRUE is an independent label that distinguishes most only be carried out natural cosmetic products which meet the highest requirements in terms naturalness, quality, credibility and transparency. All natural beauty products are certified by NATRUE PRIMAVERA.

The NATRUE-division into three levels of quality ensures transparency and high convenience. The categories distinguish between natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics products with different organic units.

NATRUE Biokosmetik

Natural Cosmetics with at least 95% of raw materials from organic farming and / or controlled wild collection.

NATRUE Natural Cosmetics with Organic Ingredients

Natural Cosmetics with at least 70% of raw materials from organic farming and / or controlled wild collection.

NATRUE Naturkosmetik

Ingredients from natural origin, but do not have from organic cultivation.

Primavera Life & Demeter

Essential oils of biodynamic farming

For biodynamic farming the soil is not only the sum of its parts, but a living organism that is nourished by harmoniously biodynamic compost, spraying and fertilising preparations and brought to life especially. For this ground as cosmic rhythms are included. Biodynamic farming makes constructive environment construction regard bottom renovation, long-term fertility and biodiversity in plants and animals.

Primavera Life : Animal Protection

PRIMAVERA Life is a member of the International Manufacturers Association against animal testing in cosmetics eV (IHTK). By the strictest animal welfare policies at all, Primavera Life limit our choice of raw materials. After selection of the raw materials at the highest quality and effectiveness they finish this for PRIMAVERA Life natural cosmetics. The rabbit with protective hand stands for cruelty-free cosmetics of the International Herstellverbands against animal testing in cosmetics.

* Animal testing for development and manufacture of the final products.
* Raw materials, the cruelty to animals or killing condition.
* Raw materials that have been tested on animals since 1/1/1979.
* Primavera Life do not allow the distribution of Primavera Life products to China.