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Neek Skin Organics Australia about usThe Neek Story

Opens several years ago, when the Neek Organics founder was learning to talk. “Angelique” is a bit of a mouthful for a toddler, so she came up with “Neek”.

She didn’t know it at the time, but Neek wasn’t just coining her nickname – she was also creating the name of an Australian natural skincare company.

Have sensitive skin? you’ll love Neek Organics

NEEK Skin Organics founder Angelique only had to think about parabens for her face to blow up, so she quickly learned which ingredients to avoid, and experimented with creating her own cleansers, moisturisers, and more.

It soon became apparent that what your skin needs is simple, and can be found in nature. While the folk in white lab coats still play an essential role at NEEK Organics, they’re not busy inventing more things for you to be allergic to. Instead, Neek create makeup and skincare products from natural, active ingredients. These scientifically-proven ingredients are so natural, you could spread them on your toast in the morning (though Neek don’t claim they’d be delicious). But even better, the ingredients Neek use are essential for skin health, and help slow your skin’s ageing process.

Neek is tested on sisters, not animals

Like you, at NEEK Organics they’re against animal testing. So growing up, Angelique smothered her two sisters in natural oils and foodstuffs as she experimented with different combinations.

Nowadays, Neek Organics take a rather more scientific approach to testing. But Neek still test their natural makeup and skincare range on people’s sisters, and not on our animal friends.

Neek Skin Organics Australia 100% Natural & 100% VeganConcerned about the environment? Here’s how Neek are doing their part:

You’ll be pleased to learn that Neek Organics preference for natural and organic products means that a nature-friendly approach comes naturally to NEEK. Not only do Neek avoid nasty, synthetic chemicals – Neek also use recycled packaging, so you can enjoy guilt-free beauty products that work.

Natural products that don’t smell like porridge

NEEK’s product range is made from truly natural, vegan ingredients. And while they may be natural, NEEK products aren’t brown, and they don’t smell like porridge. Instead, the Neek Organic range is full of beautiful shades and scents, presented in quirky, modern packaging that we hope you’ll love as much as Neek do.

Neek currently have a range of natural vegan lipsticks and the first products of Neek skincare range. Stay tuned though as Neek have loads in the pipeline.

Discover products that nurture your body, and keep you beautiful

Want to enjoy guilt-free beauty products, and look after your skin and the environment? At NEEK, that’s what we’re all about.

Neek invite you to browse their range of natural, organic and vegan products. Go on, take a look. You’ll love what you discover, including:

Vegan Lipstick by Neek Organics

100% natural, Neek's Vegan lipstick is makeup as nature intended.

Neek Skin Organics Australia Natural Lipstick100% natural

Thanks to some pretty awesome gifts from Mother Nature, Neek don’t need to add anything artificial or synthetic to any of the Neek products. That’s why Neek's vegan lipstick is 100% paraben, lead, sulphate, phthalate, mineral oil and synthetic fragrance free.

And because Neek know you probably don’t speak Latin (heck, neither do we) – Neek print the everyday ingredient names on every label – making it easier to understand what goes into each and every one of the Neek products.

So what does go into a Neek vegan lipstick?

Coloured the natural way (using micas and pigments rather than synthetic dyes), Neek vegan lipstick is made on a base of Jojoba oil and Shea Butter. It’s then topped off with a touch of sweet orange peel – an essential addition thanks to its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties – and a dash of natural Vitamin E.

And because Neek love their feathered, furred and finned friends, Neek never test on animals.

Available in luxurious shades: these Neek vegan lipsticks are the perfect way to paint your pout.

Neek is chock full of natural healing ingredients, maybe Neek should call their lipsticks a lip balm instead?

Neek lipsticks are deliciously rich in Vitamin E and B complex, Jojoba Oil is similar in structure to skin, making it ideal for skincare products, while Shea Butter's natural fatty oils and the perfect moisturiser.