Making a Shaving Cream from stuff already available in the Bathroom

Making a shaving creamA lovely sunny afternoon prompted me to write this – Summer, the revealing of parts that are generally kept under wraps for most of the year - yikes!

I don’t particularly shave very often; just call me Mrs Yetti ;) No, shaving can irritate highly sensitive skin, and it does mine if I shave too often. But, you can make shaving easier for sensitive skin. I like using Dr Bronners Liquid Castile Soap – the unscented generally – it is very kind and gentle for my skin, and provides excellent glide for shaving purposes. But, when my skin is a little on the over reactive edge and dry, and I’m not so keen on styling my underarm hair, or, I’d like to wear a shorter skirt that day, I don’t particularly want to be a Mrs Hairy… not that I don’t love my hairy bits, sometimes the choice comes down to being hairy, or having eczema :( But, there are times when I like to have super soft hairless skin. So, I grab a soft creamy soap or a Dr Bronners liquid soap, a hair conditioner, or a body cream / lotion from the bathroom shelf, mix a little bit of either [or both] in with the Soap / Dr Bronners Liquid Castile Soap and hey presto, I have a super creamy moisturising shaving cream!

To start shaving, you’ll need to add a little bit of water, either to the mixture or on the skin – !Remember! add water sparingly until the Soap / Dr Bronner’s Soap gets a nice foam developing. Don’t add too much water, or the soap will wash off before you get to use it properly. If you are super sensitive and are likely to develop Eczema like me after shaving, you may need to apply some body lotion after shaving. If you don’t shave very often, it shouldn’t sting much, if at all. Reconsider the amount of times you shave if your skin stings instantly whilst and or/after shaving.

If you are a multi chemical sensitive – that is - sensitive to fragrance, you can use a discarded body lotion and or hair conditioner that you find smells far too much to use normally – mix these in with the soap. Because you are rinsing this mixture off the skin after use, it shouldn’t leave too much of a smell afterwards. I usually do this when I am NOT feeling particularly scent sensitive that day – usually if Hay Fever is on the horizon, or I’ve been in contact with some allergy trigger, I’ll go very easy with fragranced products, choosing unscented that day.

Generally, I may have been using a bottle of something very happily, and all of a sudden I’ve developed a fragrance intolerance/allergy towards the smell, even if it is 100% naturally scented with pure natural & organic essential oils. But – do be very careful if you are scent sensitive… the aromas can still be left on the skin, and not all of the smell goes down the plug hole – so be cautious when trying this bit out if you are MCS.

You can also use hair conditioners / body lotions, creams that you would normally react to << but, I'd go very carefully here >> the skin MAY escape a reaction if it is rinsed off immediately. But like I say - be cautious if you react. Personally, I like to push my allergy / intolerance boundaries - but I do draw the line at products that burn and may lay ground for a perfect bout of Eczema.

Anyway, I think that is it for today – here is to super hairy free days, even for the sensitive skinned amongst us. Yes!

With love, Always, Angie XX