Logona Natural Henna Hair Colouring35 years of history – Logona - the pioneer of natural cosmetics

The history of the LOGONA brand is shaped by the unbridled determination of a young generation and the spirit of the ecological movement in the 1970s. Along with his small team, the then 26-year-old Hans Hansel decided to produce high-quality natural cosmetics and, in 1987, he founded LOGONA’s predecessor Lorien Goods GmbH. What followed is one of the biggest success stories in the natural cosmetics sector – and a company that, in 2013, proudly looks back on 35 years of history.

It’s in my nature – LOGONA natural cosmetics

The idealism and passion that once created LOGONA continues to shape Logona today. As a pioneer of natural cosmetics, Logona have trusted in the gentle power of plants for over 35 years. Constant research, development and improvement has given birth to a range of strictly controlled natural cosmetics that care for man and woman, as well as the entire family, from head to toe. Logona products through which Logona express their attitude to the world. Logona's deep respect for nature. Logona's love of life. Logona's social responsibility. Under the roof of a brand with which Logona can completely identify. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Logona trust in the power of nature

* Raw materials from controlled organic cultivation and wild harvesting.
* Pure plant oils and active ingredients.
* Plant extracts from Logona's own production.
* No paraffins, parabens and silicones.
* No synthetic preservatives or colourings.

Logona assume responsibility for our planet

* Natural ingredients.
* Environmentally friendly packaging.
* Demonstrable environmentally friendly production.
* Against genetically modified or radioactive irradiated raw materials and packaging.

Logona guarantee organic quality – made in Germany

* Decades of experience in the development and production of natural cosmetics.
* Quality assurance through continuous raw material and packaging controls.
* Product certification through independent authorities.
* International quality seals guarantee the highest standard of natural cosmetics.

Logona are firmly committed to fairness

* Collaborative partnerships with clients and suppliers.
* Organically grown company with family-friendly working conditions.
* Local and global social engagement.
* Support of fair trade projects all over the world.

For Logona, humanity begins where animal testing finally ends

* Against animal testing.
* In favour of alternative testing methods.
* Use of proven traditional raw materials.
* Vegan Logona products available.

Natrual Henna Hair DyePathbreaking – Pioneering innovation from LOGONA

‘Better is possible’ has shaped the philosophy of LOGONA from the very outset. As a result, the company’s laboratories have not only yielded certified and authentic natural and organic cosmetics, but also countless pioneering and innovative products that continue to influence today’s natural cosmetics market. Examples of this are the first natural cosmetics developed for allergy sufferers in the 1980s and the first 100% natural herbal henna hair colours. A history that is still far from complete. Today, the LOGONA range spans more than 200 products, and the constant development of formulas guarantees even more authentic and natural alternatives to chemical products. In 2011, for instance, the first complete range of decorative cosmetics with anti-ageing effect was created. And Logona still have a lot of good ideas for the future.

LOGONA - Made in Germany – natural cosmetics from the herb meadow

No one has higher quality expectations of Logona's products than Logona. All LOGONA products are developed and produced in Germany in accordance with strict quality criteria. Logona use predominantly natural raw materials such as plant oils, fats and waxes, herb extracts, floral waters, essential oils and aromas from controlled organic cultivation and wild harvesting. A hallmark of LOGONA are the extracts it develops on-site. For Logona, it is the exceptional quality of these that form the soul of natural cosmetics. Production is governed by the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), the pharmaceutical production standard. For products in perfect harmony with humanity and nature.

LOGONA quality guarantee 

* LOGONA natural cosmetics meet strict criteria for controlled natural cosmetics (BDIH and NaTrue).
* Free from synthetic colours, fragrances and preservatives.
* Free from paraffin oil or any other raw materials from petroleum chemistry.
* Made in Germany: developed and produced in Germany.
* Predominantly vegan Logona products.
* Developed and produced without animal testing.
* Top organic quality, identifiable through organic seal.
* No use of genetically modified plants.
* Production processes in accordance with strict ecological standards.
* Sparing use of recyclable packaging materials.

BDIH and NATRUE – reliable proof of natural and organic quality

Natural cosmetics are more popular than ever. This makes it even more important to have orientation that ensures simple confirmation of its authenticity. This is something that lies particularly close to Logona's hearts, which Logona regularly support in national and international campaigns. Accordingly, all LOGONA products carry the BDIH label, which has represented natural cosmetics for over ten years. Many products are also certified by NATRUE and carry the LOGONA organic seal, which guarantees the high organic quality of Logona products. The result of Logona's commitment: countless good and very good ratings in Öko consumer tests. And controlled natural cosmetics you can absolutely trust.

Logona Natural Henna Hair Dye

BDIH Controlled natural cosmetics

All LOGONA Naturkosmetik products meet the strict criteria of BDIH for controlled natural cosmetics. The BDIH standard establishes which raw materials are permitted and which are prohibited. This essentially means that certified natural and organic cosmetics may only contain natural and nature-based raw materials – preferably from controlled organic cultivation or wild harvesting. All provisions of the BDIH standard are rooted in an ethical attitude. According to this ethic, natural and organic cosmetics cannot be considered in isolation, but rather embedded in a holistic view of humanity and nature. Compliance with all criteria is assessed and documented by the organisation’s own seal.  

EcoControl Certified raw material quality

The quality and effectiveness of a cosmetic product largely depends on the quality of the raw materials used. Several LOGONA products carry the EcoControl seal. This seal stands for proven raw material quality. EcoControl also certifies raw materials from organic cultivation and wild harvesting. The ecological quality of a product (such as an essential oil) is certified with reference to the ecological quality of raw materials (for instance, EC, BIO) and the production process.

EMAS A certificate for good environmental management

The company LOGOCOS Naturkosmetik AG, which owns the LOGONA natural cosmetics brand, has issued a comprehensive environmental statement and has undergone a complete voluntary control of its operational processes. Upon completion of the inspection, LOGOCOS was awarded ISO-14001 and EMAS certification for the implementation of the highest standards of internal environmental management.

Öko Consumer Test: Top marks for LOGONA products

The Öko-Test magazine was first published in 1985. Today, it is one of the best-known consumer protection magazines in Germany, and focuses on ecological topics. Öko-Test uses independent laboratories to test products in relation to health and environmental factors and evaluates them accordingly. Over the last 30 years, LOGONA products have been awarded the grade VERY GOOD or GOOD over 300 times.

Logona Natural HennaNATRUE International certification for natural and organic cosmetics

An increasing number of LOGONA natural cosmetics also carry the international NATRUE certification for natural and organic cosmetics. The NATRUE standard certifies cosmetic products in three categories: as natural cosmetics, as natural cosmetics with organic ingredients or as organic cosmetics. The NATRUE standard has much in common with the BDIH standard, although specific quality criteria exist. Some of the special features of the NATRUE label are a clearly defined minimum level of genuine natural ingredients and a clearly defined maximum level of near-natural raw materials. This therefore guarantees consumers a high level of authentic natural quality.

Logona fight against animal testing

The fight against testing on animals in China and the implementation of alternative test methods are of huge significance at Logona. For this reason, Logona have already been engaged in close collaboration with PETA, the animal rights’ organisation, (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), and have generated a concerted, global initiative called ‘Committed to life’. In February 2014, LOGOCOS Naturkosmetik AG was presented with the ‘Courage in Commerce Award’ for their commendable stance on the cruelty free issue.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a non-profit organisation whose declared aim is to create an international system for the certification of sustainable forestry management. LOGOCOS Naturkosmetik AG uses FSC materials only which have been produced at certified timber companies. Accordingly, the FSC label can be found on the folding boxes for LOGONA products and guarantees the sustainable origin of the paper being used. FSC-certified paper is also the only type Logona use for their brochures and information materials – from sustainable and certified forestry.

German Allergy and Asthma Association (DAAB)

Care for sensitive skin

The DAAB was founded in 1897. As a patient and consumer organisation, it is committed to the needs of patients with allergies, asthma/COPD and eczema. The LOGONA FREE care range, which offers special care for allergy sufferers, extremely sensitive skin and irritable skin, was tested by the German Allergy and Asthma Association (DAAB).

LOGONA organic seal

First-class quality from nature. Much of the Logona packaging features the LOGONA organic seal. Logona use this to guarantee the high organic quality of their products.


Natural cosmetics that love animals. Products defined as ‘vegan’ only contain plant ingredients.

Gluten-free Healthy cosmetics from LOGONA

People who suffer from gluten intolerance need to avoid all traces of gluten. Gluten-free products from LOGONA carry a label to mark them as such.

PETA certificate ‘cruelty free’

All of the LOGONA products certified with the PETA certificate ‘cruelty free’ were produced without animal testing or the use of any animal based components and are vegan.

Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil (FONAP = Forum Nachhaltiges Palmöl)

For quite some time now palm (kernel) oil has been attracting criticism since large swathes of rain forest, among other sites, are necessary for the cultivation of oil palms. The problem is that the biodiversity is threatened because these areas are also the habitat of various species of animals. LOGOCOS Naturkosmetik AG has been a member of the Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil since the beginning of 2014. The forum is a consortium of companies, associations and non-government organisations whose aim is to develop sound solutions for improving the practices in the palm oil sector.

Making a contribution – with conviction

Logona believe that in order to make the world a better place, they have to start with themselves. This is why Logona orientate all of their actions towards the benefit of humanity and the environment. Logona want all of their staff to enjoy coming to work. Logona are active in the surrounding communities, develop and produce their products exclusively in Germany and show global commitment by supporting areas where some of the Logona active ingredients are cultivated.

For instance, Logona source organic henna from the exemplary Sekem Farm in Egypt, and in 2011, Logona spontaneously launched an aid campaign for the earthquake victims in Japan. Logona want to live what they believe. And make sure that every day, Logona contributes to making the world a better place.

The organic henna used in the LOGONA plant hair dyes is sourced from Sekem Farm in Egypt – a fantastic project in complete harmony with humanity and humankind.

Dr Ibrahim Abouleish, founder of Sekem Farm, is the perfect example of what can happen when a venturesome idea is consistently pursued: in 2003, he was awarded the Alternative Nobel Prize for his project. When Dr Abouleish began the Sekem initiative in 1977, biodynamic agriculture in Egypt was unthinkable for many – 94% of the country is still desert. Today, the project employs just under 2,000 people and is a huge success: three cooperatives now work with some 300 small farmers following the biodynamic method. Sekem Farm is an alternative draft to environmentally damaging industrial agriculture and a pioneering social model: the Egyptian cooperative gives people work, schooling and professional training, social networks, a health system and now even a university. As an integral part of the original aid programme, disabled children and adults are also involved.

The Chamomile Children project shows just how difficult social engagement can be. Faced with bitter poverty, many Egyptian families send only one or indeed none of their children to school. The children need to work in order to contribute to their family’s survival. Nevertheless, during difficult discussions, parents were finally convinced that better solutions do exist. Since then, around 50 children aged between 10–14 who have never been to school have been integrated into Sekem Farm. The children are employed all year round and can therefore continue to support their families financially. However, they only work seasonally, such as during camomile harvesting, and spend the remainder of the year catching up on their schooling. As well as receiving the approval of parents, the programme has opened up a completely new world to the children.

Therefore, with organic henna from Sekem Farm, everyone wins. For Sekem, the proceeds go towards the economic basis of a project that is now considered an exemplary business model for the 21st century. And Logona receive a high-quality raw material for hair dyes that is completely free of chemicals.

Logona heroes from nature – the LOGONA active ingredients

LOGONA products reflect the lush richness of nature – whether rose for silky-soft skin, the natural anti-ageing product sea buckthorn, or honey, which lends hair beautiful shine. Regardless of whether they are used as oil, extract or fragrance in the Logona products, the plants hail either from controlled organic cultivation or wild harvesting. Together, they unite to form top-quality active complexes that pamper the skin, hair and body with the very best nature has to offer.

LOGONA Herbal Hair Colours and LOGONA Colour Creme come up trumps in Stiftung Warentest consumer product tests.

What would healthy, shiny hair be without an expressive, silky colour? LOGONA Herbal Hair Colours highlight the natural beauty of hair in a wide array of shades. The Logona Herbal Hair Colour Powders and Colour Cremes blend harmoniously with the natural colour, strengthening the hair and leaving it shiny and voluminous. In March 2014, they also impressed the experts at Stiftung Warentest. At the test institute, five hair dye products from different manufacturers were tested on 20 individuals. The LOGONA Herbal Hair Colour Powder in Chestnut Brown scored top marks from all testers for its unbeatable shine. Meanwhile, the LOGONA Herbal Hair Colour Creme in Nougat Brown emerged as the testers’ favourite in terms of application. Of all the products tested, it was the easiest to apply and rinse.