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Great care for babies' and children's skin with Lavera.

Sensitive babies' and children's skin requires special care. Characteristics of babies' and children's skin:

Baby skin is five times thinner than adult skin. Only at approx. age 6 does children's skin begin to function like that of adults, thus it reacts much more sensitively to external factors. The protective layer of small children's skin is not yet resilient.

Their skin thus reacts much more quickly to fluctuations in temperature, synthetic fragrances and preservatives or harsh detergents by developing changes in the skin. That is why it is important to cleanse children's skin gently and to care for and promote the natural protective layer of the skin with precious oils. For this reason, care products should only contain natural raw materials.

When it comes to caring for tender babies' and children's skin: Less is more. That's why extremely mild and neutral care products based on natural cosmetics without fragrances and with high-quality vegetable oils are the best care for sensitive baby and children's skin.

Care Tips & User Instructions:

Compatibility of sensitive babies and children's skin may depend on many factors. The age of the child is decisive in this. Moreover, susceptibilities to allergies and the season may determine compatibility. The health of sensitive babies' and children's skin can be promoted by many care ingredients.


Because babies' skin is very sensitive, it needs gentle cleansing. Healthy babies' skin can regenerate quickly and be easily cleansed with warm water.

Depending upon the season, special needs of babies' skin ought to be taken into account, as the skin is subject to extreme stress in the summer and in the winter. In the summertime, it is essential to ensure sufficient sun protection. When babies are bathed often, it is better not to add anything to the water. In case parents to decide to use a gentle bubble bath, the skin must be rinsed off afterwards with clear water.

In winter, the cold and above all dry heating air can dry out the skin. Normally the skin absorbs sufficient moisture during bathing. For extremely sensitive babies' skin, however, it may be also necessary to rub cream on the skin after bathing. Bath additives containing oils are also suitable for calming the skin.

The mild, skin-friendly care of the Lavera Baby & Children Sensitiv series is also ideal for adults with sensitive skin to neurodermatitis.

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