Khadi Hair Colour

Khadi Herbal Hair ColourKhadi Herbal Hair Colours - Khadi is the natural alternative to chemical hair colours.

Khadi Herbal Hair Colours have been meticulously crafted, unique colours for brilliant gloss, strong hair and volume.

Khadi Hair Colour offers:

* 100% grey coverage * BDIH Certified * Vegan * 100% natural * No preservatives * No PPD or Ammonia * No perfumes * No essential oils * No metallic salts * No mineral oxidants * No colour intensifiers * No animal pigments * Not tested on animals *

Khadi History

In India plant pigments have been used to decorate the body and colour hair and fabrics for over 4500 years. The benefits of using plant pigments are manifold, not only do they colour, they keep the skin cool, while providing ultra violet protection and preventing fungal infections. Khadi is re-introducing the use of plant pigments for natural hair colour and care, to provide complete grey coverage and enhance the skin and hair while being environment friendly, chemical free and supporting grass root farmers.

Khadi Herbal Hair Colours

Khadi Herbal Hair colours are a fine mix of handpicked, air dried herbs which have been used in Ayurvedic skin and hair care for over 5000 years. Years of research and tests have helped develop this carefully crafted range and extreme care is taken during processing and packaging to retain the properties of the herbs.

Khadi Herbal Hair colours have fast pigment release and require no additional mixing ingredients (other than water or black tea) and are ready to be used immediately after mixing. Khadi Herbal Hair colours do not change the structure of the hair, remove proteins or lift cuticles, the colour pigments, suspended in water, filter around hair cuticles to leave a stain on the hair shaft. Khadi Herbal Hair colours are translucent so the final colour result is a combination of the original hair colour and the herbal hair colour leading to a unique personalised hair colour.

Khadi Herbal Hair colours can be used over chemically coloured hair without any adverse results however they will not lighten hair. Darker Herbal Hair colours, especially Henna based colours like browns and black will leave a permanent colour stain on the hair which may fade slightly over time.

Khadi herbal hair colours add vibrancy, shine and colour to lack lustre hair whether dull blonde, auburn, brunette or black. The rich nutrients found in the plants and herbs also strengthen and repair damaged hair.

Complete grey coverage

Khadi herbal hair colours provide complete grey coverage throughout the range of hair colours (blonde, red, brown, black). It is the perfect choice for those who have never used hair dye to cover grey hair and the perfect alternative for those who want to cover greys without chemicals.

Choosing a colour close to your natural hair colour will provide grey coverage and add glossy highlights and for more difficult to dye hair pre-treat the hair with a lighter colour before dyeing with your desired colour.

Going Green!

In some cases it is possible that a green tinge may be visible on the hair after washing, oxidation within 24 hours will change the colour to light blonde or light brown. If you have damaged/heat damaged or chemically coloured hair the Herbal Hair colour paste should be left on for short durations, approx 15-30 minutes, to prevent too much pigment uptake and too much chlorophyll being attached to hair.

Dryness & Herbal Hair colours

Sometimes hair may feel dry and stiff after washing off the Khadi Herbal Hair Colour, this is a temporary effect and only usually happens if the hair is porous or extremely dry.

However there are two other reasons for hair feeling dry: plants contain natural tannins which neutralise some of the lipids (natural hair oils) on cuticles which can make the hair feel dry. The other reason is the protein effect, Henna along with other herbs is packed with nutrients which attach to hair this makes the hair stronger, prevents breakage and adds gloss and shine, however this might make hair feel stiff. Applying Argan or Coconut oils after air drying the hair restores hairs natural oils, seals cuticles leaving the hair soft and supple.

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Khadi Herbal Hair Colour