Förster's Natural Products

Forsters Natural ProductsFörster's Natural Products are very special: they care for and treat not only humans, but also protects and preserves nature. Forster's aim is to give their customers through their lovingly crafted products a feeling of wellbeing. Forsters Natural Products are unique and hand-crafted. Enchanting, durable and precious.

Förster's Natural Products unites three generations in a family enterprise. Together with their employees they are a strong community and work every day to their goal of providing natural, environmentally protective body care as a whole package. Forsters are proud to have preserved even in the wake of globalisation. 

Försters Natural Products

Experience perfect beauty day after day with Försters Natural Beauty Products.

Försters beautiful, stylish and high quality makeup brushes are handmade in Germany and their large range incorporates every type of make up brush and applicator; from foundation and powder brushes to lip brushes and eyeshadow applicators.

FSC Certified Beech Wood
Försters makeup brushes with their classical design are made from beech wood grown in FSC Certified local forests. FSC certification ensures that our forests are managed according to natural and sustainable standards.

Toray Bristles
Försters makeup brushes functionality and eco-compatibiity are also important. The Vegan Toray bristle has been specially developed for Forsters beauty products and is unbelievably fine and extra soft so that powder, rouge/blush and mineral powder makeup can be applied with care and precision - for a beautiful perfect finish. The Vegan Toray makeup brushers are also antibacterial due to the structure of fibres.

Forsters Natural Products are manufactured without cruelty to animals. The synthetic fibre is hygenic and does not cause any fur allergies.