Florascent Parfum de Poche Eau de Toilette

We welcome Florascent Parfum de Poche Eau de Toilette ~ to our Florascent Perfume range. These perfumes are handy to travel with and have been exceptionally beautifully created by the perfumer Roland Tentunian who uses his artistic sensitivity, craftsmanship and technical skills to give a new lease of life to the traditional art of 17th century perfumery in a modern product line.

* Florascent Parfumes are NOT tested on animals. 
* The Florascent perfumes contain exclusively herbal components.
* Florascent Perfumes only consist of Alcohol, Water & *Perfume Oil.

*For the preparation of the individual perfume oils, Florascent use:
1. Essential oils (conventional and certified organic cultivation).
2. Fractions of essential oils (extracted by distillation).
3. Tinctures which are produced by alcoholic extractions from aromatic plants, spices and gums.
4. Absolutes and Concretes (conventional and certified organic cultivation).
5. Isolates from plant extracts and essential oils.

Florascent expressly declare that they do not use any nitromusk compounds, preservatives or artificial colours. Alcohol origin is Organic certified before final distillation prior to use. NO Synthetic ingredients. Florascent perfumes only use pure natural and organic ingredients and nothing else.

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