Fair Squared

Fair Squared Hand CreamFair Squared not only uses fairly traded ingredients whenever possible, they actively look to broaden the Fair Squared range to include more fairly traded produce. And Fair Squared will promote Fair Trade wherever they can.

Feel good factor and quality:

Fair Squared appreciate that you share their concern over the living and working conditions in many parts of the world and are committed to buying Fair Trade products. But Fair Squared think you also deserve the best product they are capable of making. It should feel good, protect you and pamper you. Fair Squared only source the best ingredients for the Fair Squared product range. But it’s not just about those inherent values – they are into design too. Come on, if it’s good, why shouldn’t it look good too?

Fair Squared want you to like what you see when you glance at a Fair Squared product in your bathroom or take it out of your handbag. And it’s certainly not about fancy, and wasteful packaging. What Fair Squared is after is an excellent product in a beautifully designed and functional container.

Organic – good for you and good for the environment:

With Fair Squared products they are not only committed to you, but also to their producers. For Fair Squared, the environment is an important part of this commitment: protect resources such as soil and water, promote biodiversity and ensure the sustainability of production methods.

Fair Squared have succeeded in certifying all their products Natrue, The fairly traded ingredients for their cosmetic products are organically grown and the latex that Fair Squared use comes from FSC certified plantations. Also, Fair Squared support the environmental protection through Fairtrade. Fairtrade provides sustainability and environmental protection as an important contribution to the welfare of producers and the Fairtrade standards take this into account. Meanwhile, when it comes to fair trade, there´s much more than only a Fairtrade premium: Within the framework of the Fairtrade concept, experts work together with producers to improve sustainability and environmental protection and to allow organic certification.


Fair Squared never test their products on animals. Fair Squared products are registered by the Vegan Society. Fair Squared work on ensuring that all Fair Squared products are vegan. They're not completely ready yet, for example, small amounts of milk proteins are used in the manufacture of some condoms. But Fair Squared have developed a method by which they can avoid that. And Fair Squared are thinking of many other new vegan products. At the moment, to live vegan often means more difficult decisions between one’s conscience and products that you would actually like to use. At Fair Squared they want you to feel wonderful and to stick with your vegan lifestyle without too much effort: Fair Squared cosmetic products are 100% vegan.

And for the future…

Fair Squared are thinking about anything according to what you need in the bathroom, what you´d like to have in the bedroom and what you might dream about beyond. In the near future you will be able to buy Fair Squared candles from soy oil and a range of body oils, which are produced from sustainably sourced coconut oil. The Fair Squared future is in the works...