Essential Oils Uses

Without having a Qualified Aromatherapist present where do you start? I have chosen the following essential oils to be used in the home without hazard [follow instructions thoroughly] they are still just as powerful. Please remember these are potent oils and respect should be awarded to these beauties when using them.

| Essential Oils for Beauty Skincare | It is important to remember that if your skin is suffering, a Holistic viewpoint is to see these symptoms have arisen from a cause, stress/illness, poor diet & lack of exercise may well be contributory factors.

| Essential Oils for the Home | Most essential oils are to a certain degree antiseptic, many also provide powerful bactericidal properties. For example Peppermint oil is equal to carbolic acid and is known to halt the spread of bacteria. However, we cannot live without friendly bacteria, it is only the unfriendly bacteria I am referring to. If we lived in sterile environments we would have no opportunities to build up our immune functions and would obviously be worse off health wise, succumbing to every little germ we encountered. 

| Essential Oils for Therapy, Mind, Body & Soul | Aromatherapy is by definition a special sense used in the detection of smells and evoking emotional responses. Using Aromatherapy the oils work successfully on us bypassing the logical brain and works directly on the Limbic System - in this way, aromatherapy can calm, soothe or stimulate an individual depending on which type of essential oils are used. The essential oils are absorbed by the skin through the hair follicles and they flow directly into the bloodstream. The essential oils are then assisted by the nervous system by transmitting impulses to the brain in order to be perceived. Emotionally this is very closely linked with the endocrine [hormone] system.

Which is why it is so very important to choose good quality essential oils - natural and organic skin care is all about choosing good quality products because the skin absorbs 60% of the ingredients, obviously depending on the size of the molecules. Whereas essential oils are absorbed at a rate of 100%. You really do not want to compromise on quality in this area. We don't compromise. We insist on good quality essential oils, and always recommend the best.