Christmas Essential Oils

Christmas Essential Oil| Christmas Atmosphere Essential Oils | I have selected a few very well known Christmas essential oils to help make the festive season full of Christmas Spirit! Either place a drop or two of your favourite oil into a diffuser or pop a few drops into an old spray bottle with water, shake well and spritz at leisure. These essential oils possess potent anti-bacterial/anti-infectious, anti-vital and anti-fungal properties ~ which is great when you have a house full of guests with coughs, colds & flu! Essential Oils are marvellous prevention health tools, not only do they neutralise the bugs, but they also build up our immune systems too! Please follow the instructions carefully.

Points to consider when blending 1+ essential oils:
1. If you are a beginner, keep to a blend of just 2 oils. A more experienced blender may be able to blend 4 oils together with ease.
2. Take note of which oils you are blending and for which type of atmosphere you wish to create, eg. an experienced blender may be able to mix different oils from different groups, but if you are beginner, it may be best to stick to the same type of character of oil, eg. calming or choose from the stimulating group. Oils from the same or adjacent group blend well together eg. TREES, HERBS, CITRUS, FLOWERS, EXOTICS, RESINS, SPICES, etc.
3. There is no right or wrong blend - we all have different preferences, so above all, just have fun [ ... & follow the instructions carefully ]