Lavera After SunLavera After Sun Skin Care

After Sun for skin and hair. After being exposed to the sun, the skin and hair require intensive care and recovery.

Symptoms of challenged sun skin:

* reddened
* dry
* tight

After Sun Care for sun-challenged skin

Intensive, skin-balancing care is very important after sunbathing. It contains especially soothing, high-quality ingredients such as organic oils from soybeans, sunflower seeds, coconuts and shea butter. They offer intensive care and protection at the same time. Organic aloe vera gel as well as extracts from calendula blossoms and menthol can be used to cool the skin and provide moisture. Vitamin E and vitamin C also offer protection for the skin. Care after sunbathing is also vital towards maintaining a long-lasting tan.

After Sun Care for sun-challenged hair

Challenged hair requires special care, above all in the summertime. Organic aloe vera helps dried-out and brittle hair by supplying it with moisture. Organic shea butter is considered natural UV protection, forming a natural protective film and thus protecting hair from direct sunlight.

Lavera After Sun Ingredient Highlights:

Organic Aloe Vera, USA

The aloe vera powder originates from controlled organic cultivation in the United States. The plant, also known as the desert lily, stores in its fleshy leaves more than 300 precious nutrients for human beings. The oil derived from peeling the leaves is extremely oxidative and therefore must be processed further within just a few hours. Finest Aloe Vera oil is obtained by extraction in genetically unmodified soy oil. Because of its high vitamin, amino acid, mineral and salicylic acid content, aloe vera has a moisturising, healing and soothing effect. The powder is most suitable for use in the natural formulas of natural-cosmetic products: the active ingredients are highly concentrated, the formulas remain stable even without synthetic preservatives.

Organic Aloe Vera Effects: contains essential building blocks for the human body. Has a moisturising, cooling and soothing effect. Is rich in minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. Provides the skin with energy and moisture.

Lavera After SunOrganic Calendula Flowers, Germany

As the marigold is in flower almost the whole summer, it was given the Latin name Calendula, from 'calendae', meaning first day of the month. As early as the Middle Ages it was used because of its wound healing properties. Originally it came from Southern Europe. Today, Lavera gets this precious medicinal plant with its bright yellow and orange flowers from certified integrated cultivation in Germany or to be more precise from the Gladbacher Bergenland, South-West of Marburg. There marigolds grow on stony ground which comes from slate with the required amount of precipitation of 650mm. The seeds are propagated by the supplier. Its precious ingredients are obtained from the so-called maceration in which the flowers are marinated in olive oil and then exposed to the sun.

Organic Calendula Effects: Calendula oil soothes irritated and slightly inflamed skin. It offers a wide range of application as it also protects soft lip skin and keeps the sensitive skin of babies and the elderly healthy. Calendula has a skin balancing and anti-inflammatory effect and promotes wound healing. Calendula is most suitable for sensitive skin which easily becomes inflamed but also for oily skin and skin prone to acne. Lavera produces calendula extracts itself using organic alcohol. These extracts are used for impure or dry skin and also have a skin balancing and anti-inflammatory effect.

Organic Shea Butter, Burkina Faso

The shea butter Lavera use in their products is from certified organic cultivation and comes from Africa. The shea tree, aka shi tree or carite tree, is 15 m in height and is similar to the European oak tree. In Africa shea trees are considered to be holy and therefore must not be chopped down or harmed. The "butter tree" reaches an age of up to 300 years and does not bear its full fruit until it is 25 years old. Only women are allowed to harvest and process its fruit.

Shea Butter Effects: Due to its protective, conditioning, nourishing and skin regenerating properties shea butter is also referred to as "women's gold". The special thing about shea butter: it melts at body temperature. As its structure is compatible to that of the skin it penetrates deep into the skin tissue where it develops its healing effect. By forming a thin film on the skin it supports its protective layer and prevents moisture loss. At the same time it provides natural sun protection. Shea butter softens and smoothes the skin.

*Article from Lavera